2023 MCCN — Making Connections in Computational Neuroscience

May 9, 2023

Making Connections in Computational Neuroscience (MCCN) brings together Washington University trainees and faculty to present and learn about work of relevance to theoretical and computational neuroscience at WU, with the hope of identifying new connections and collaborations.

Thank you for everyone who participated in the inaugural MCCN on May 5, 2023! It was a great success. Stay tuned for information on upcoming events.

All faculty and their lab members in participating departments are encouraged to present posters on projects that are in at least one of these categories:

  • Computational neuroscience research
  • Neuroscience research that could potentially benefit from computational input
  • Research in mathematical/computational theory that could potentially be applicable to neuroscience
    Presenters are encouraged to customize their posters to emphasize this potential.

Everyone in the WU community is welcome to attend MCCN; poster presentations are reserved for members of laboratories in CTCN-participating departments.